Best River Cruise To Explore Europe ♥ AmaWaterways | with Ann-Marie Gaudet

 3 Rivers and 40+ Castles

Ann-Marie Gaudet, real travel expert and co-owner of Cruise Holidays Select, joins Ken from RTE Travel Talk to delve into the enchanting world of AmaWaterways’ Europe’s Rivers and Castles itinerary. Ann-Marie considers this cruise the perfect choice for first-timers or those seeking an unforgettable one and done river cruise experience.

In this comprehensive review, Ann-Marie provides an insightful overview of AmaWaterways™, renowned for offering some of the best river cruises in Europe. The focus then shifts to the mesmerizing Europe’s Rivers & Castles itinerary, which traverses the picturesque Main and Moselle rivers, as well as the captivating Upper Middle Rhine region, renowned for its stunning landscapes and historic castles.

Discover the allure of visiting majestic castles along the route and why AmaWaterways stands out as the top choice for your river cruise adventure. Ann-Marie weighs in with her opinion of where AmaWaterways fits as compared with other leading river cruise lines like Avalon Waterways and Scenic, and highlighting the why these three lines are her go-to choice for her clients.

Families and travelers with mobility concerns will find valuable insights on the suitability of this itinerary, ensuring an inclusive experience for all passengers.

Learn about the comprehensive inclusions with your fare, including a special mention from Ann-Marie who includes gratuities for her clients, pre and post-stay options, and the delightful Happy Hour onboard.

Don’t miss the exclusive opportunity to cruise this spectacular itinerary with Ann-Marie herself, adding an extra layer of personalized service to your journey.

And as the discussion draws to a close, Ann-Marie shares her final bits of advice to ensure your river cruise experience exceeds all expectations. Embark on a journey of a lifetime with AmaWaterways’ Europe’s Rivers and Castles, where every moment promises to be a cherished memory.

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