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Oberammergau Passion Play

If you wish to attend a once-in-ten-year event and enjoy the pastoral scenes of Bavaria in Germany, plan to attend the Passion Play at Oberammergau. What is this famous event all about?

Oberammergau Passion Play2021-02-22T10:10:58-05:00

Luxury Barge Cruising in Europe

Are you a fan of smaller ships, perhaps river cruising, but these days even those options seem more impersonal than you’d like? Or perhaps you seek a family get together and adventure without the stress? Luxury hotel barge cruising may be the answer.

Luxury Barge Cruising in Europe2021-01-26T08:23:17-05:00

5 Things to Do in Budapest

The beautiful city of Budapest, capital of Hungary, is one of the largest cities in Europe and straddles the Danube River (originally Buda was on one bank and Pest on the other). It is often...

5 Things to Do in Budapest2020-11-17T12:03:35-05:00

Celebrate Carnival in Venice – 10 Things to Know

Thinking that masks and costumes are just for Hallowe'en? Think again! Here are a few interesting facts about Venice’s Carnival: The Carnival in Venice is not a recent phenomenon. It has its beginnings in the Dark Ages and survived until the early 19th ...

Celebrate Carnival in Venice – 10 Things to Know2020-10-15T12:51:44-04:00

The Legends and Magic of Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful areas in Europe. Situated in the northwestern part of Slovenia, the lake is not far from the city of Ljubljana so it is a great place to visit as a sole destination, as a day-trip or ...

The Legends and Magic of Lake Bled2020-06-17T15:28:20-04:00

Messina, Sicily Must See: Amazing Astronomical Clock

Messina, Italy is a charming city on the island of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. It is often a port of call on many cruise line itineraries. If you do not have a shore excursion planned (or even if you do) and just want to explore on foot or by horse-drawn carriage, be certain ...

Messina, Sicily Must See: Amazing Astronomical Clock2020-04-21T10:31:19-04:00

Transylvania Churches

When traveling in Europe, popular types of places to visit, besides museums and castles, are the churches and cathedrals. You’ll most often find these on the itineraries of guided tours and river cruise shore excursions.

Transylvania Churches2019-10-21T15:54:33-04:00

Castles on the Middle Rhine

Probably the most popular river cruise itinerary in Europe is that of the Middle Rhine or one that takes in this section of river. The middle Rhine encompasses the river between the towns of Bingen and Koblenz in Germany and flows through the Rhine Gorge,...

Castles on the Middle Rhine2019-07-18T13:35:54-04:00

Iceland – Land of Ice and Fire

Here are some of the reasons you should visit Iceland:- It’s not that far away. From the northeastern airports of Canada or the U.S.A, it is, at most, 5 to 6 hours of flying. That’s the equivalent of flying across the continent for a vacation.

Iceland – Land of Ice and Fire2019-04-11T16:42:58-04:00

Amsterdam : Venice of the North

Flying to Europe from North America often leads you to Amsterdam. If you cruise in northern European or take one of the popular river cruise vacations into the heart of Europe, you will likely cross paths with this city as a beginning or end point. One of the favorite ...

Amsterdam : Venice of the North2019-02-20T21:16:50-05:00
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