Christmas Markets River Cruise Review | with Ann-Marie Gaudet

Christmas Markets River Cruise Review with Travel Expert Ann-Marie Gaudet.

Ann-Marie joins Ken of Ask a Real Travel Expert to provide an in depth review of just exactly what is a Christmas Markets river cruise. Ann-Marie relates her many experiences on river cruises with a Christmas markets theme. In her words, “absolutely magical” and a must do for most river cruisers ot anyone who loves the holiday season. Learn about the great markets of Europe, the sights, sounds and aromas that make up this very special river cruise. Ann-Marie details the best times to book a Christmas Markets river cruise with particular attention to the short season so as to have the best experience. And as a special treat at the end of the video, Ann-Marie details her upcoming Christmas Markets cruise on the Danube River aboard AmaWaterways™.

If you love Christmas and cruising, or as yet have not tried this type of vacation, Ann-Marie’s review of the Europe Christmas Markets may be just what you have been looking for! Also check out her escorted Christmas Markets cruise in Dec. of 2023.