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Cruise News

Cruise news from the Set Sail. Find interesting articles and blog posts about cruises and cruising by our authors and guests

Barcelona, Spain

By |April 6th, 2018|

Barcelona, Spain, has become a popular port for cruise lines. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and Holland America, to name just few, offer cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean.  The city’s art, architecture ...

10 Lesser Known Cruise Ports

By |March 13th, 2018|

All the “popular” cruise itineraries visit the most “popular” ports of call. It is a question of the hen versus the egg – which came first. Are the more popular ports the result of the popular itineraries? Partially, yes. That is why ...

River Cruises – Fun for All Ages

By |February 22nd, 2018|

Have you been on a river cruise yet? Do you think it is just the choice of older, retired pensioners on vacation? If you have never been on a river cruise, or haven’t been in a few years, you may be surprised to find it is a vacation choice for all types of people – the history buffs, the culinary and wine connoisseurs, the experiencers - and folks of all ages too.

Let’s Go To Tasmania

By |January 22nd, 2018|

Travel to Van Dieman’s land, or Tasmania as it has been called since the mid-1800’s, is now something to look forward to rather that a life sentence as it used to be in the past. This large island off the coast of south eastern Australia, and across ...

Arles, France

By |November 16th, 2017|

Arles, France   Ancient Roman City in France It is amazing how the cities along the Rhone and Saone can all be in the same country – sometimes the same region – [...]


By |September 20th, 2017|

Chalon, France The south of France …how often have we heard or seen that phrase in books and cinema, often in conjunction with a holiday for the well-heeled? Nowadays you can visit [...]

Travel Tips for Morocco

By |August 15th, 2017|

Travel Tips for Morocco So, your Western Mediterranean cruise will be stopping in Morocco. How lucky you are! It is a stunningly beautiful country. Morocco boasts endless sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean [...]


By |July 18th, 2017|

Mykonos   Island of the Winds Before it was discovered by tourism in the 1950’s, the island of Mykonos had it rough economically. This island, part of the Cyclades series of Greek [...]

Beautiful Historical Valletta

By |June 12th, 2017|

Beautiful, Historical Valletta If you want to get away from big cities and take in some of the best views in the Mediterranean, your choice must be the historical city of Valletta [...]

The Lofoten Islands

By |May 25th, 2017|

Lofoten Islands You might be forgiven if you have never heard of this archipelago of six larger islands, and many more smaller ones, in Norway. It’s not on the usual cruise lists of [...]

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