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Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider an Alaska cruise:

1. This is a cruise for all ages – from children to seniors. There is something to do and see for everyone. Even if you never set foot on land during this cruise, you will see beautiful vistas, glaciers and wildlife from the ship. You might even be lucky and see a glacier calve – an amazing sight. Alaska and coastal British Columbia are a photographer’s dream. Take a cruise tour (cruise plus land stay), and you will see even more.

2. Fresh air, open spaces, and wilderness – these are conditions hard to find altogether in one spot these days.

3. Speaking of wilderness you may see everything from bears and moose, to eagles and  whales – all in their natural habitat, which in itself is awesome. No zoos required.

4. There’s a spirit of adventure in the air. It is alive and well in Alaska as everyone is close to nature. There are many types of excursions available from zip lining to exploring a glacier to fishing.

5. You can choose between a simple cruise along the Inside Passage ( follows the coast of British Columbia) to a cruise ending or beginning with several days inland at Denali National Park with a spectacular train ride in between. Don’t miss the magnificent Mt. McKinley, one of the highest mountains in the world.

6. Experience unique native cultures from the Haida in BC to the Tlingit. View the artistry displayed on totems, and purchase a piece of artwork to take home with you.

7. Enjoy the history of the region from the frontier atmosphere reminiscent of the gold rush era in Skagway to actual excursions based on panning for gold.

8. If you like seafood, this is the cruise to indulge in crab and salmon like none other. The salmon bake excursions are among the most popular shore trips for cruisers.

A few tips:

• If travelling early or late in the season, take layers of clothing. It is north after all and you do not want to miss out on any excursions because you are not prepared for the climate. ( Zip lining in May can be cold!)

• Bring sensible sturdy shoes as well in case you purchase last minute excursions, many of which will require them. ( Another tip: the popular shore events will be sold out long before the ship sails, so book excursions early with your travel professional.)

• Don’t forget your binoculars. There’s lots to see as you sail (maybe a pod of whales or a bear on the beach.

• Bring a camera – and don’t get so excited you forget to use it! It could happen …

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