When was the last time you vacationed in your favourite part of the world and saw a rock and roll singer or a country singer in concert? Or attended a Star Trek or Sci-Fi convention ? Or met a legend of baseball, your dream of a lifetime? Or took the time to improve on your golf swing or dance moves? Or met with fellow hobbyists like knitters or scrapbookers ? Would it surprise you if I told you that you can do all this and much more aboard a cruise ship?

Ballroom Dance Cruise

Ballroom Dance Cruise

Yes, it’s true. Pretty much any activity on land involving large or medium-sized groups of folks can be found on board a cruise ship in what is known as a theme cruise. It’s a great way to get a fun vacation and participate in your interest or hobby of choice.

Whether your passion is Elvis, or another legend of rock and roll, country, jazz or blues, there are multiple cruises departing every year featuring this theme. A cruise ship is a fantastic venue for an up-close and personal experience with your favourite artist(s).

Music Cruise - meet your favourite artist

Music Cruise – meet your favourite artist

Conventions at sea are popular too, whether these are wellness, motivational, sports or sci-fi based to mention a few. It’s a place where fans can meet celebrities in their particular field and also make the acquaintance of other people with the same interests – a place where one can trade stories, see the latest trends and products, collect autographs, and more.

Family get to enjoy on board activities

Family enjoys on board activities

And the very best part for the attendee is, not only do you get to enjoy your passion, but you also have all the vast number of regular ship board activities at your disposal too. This also makes travelling with your family who do not share your enthusiasm for your special interest no longer a problem. They have a wonderful time on board : relaxing at the spa, enjoying the swimming pools or other physical activities, watching the live shows, singing karaoke, dancing at the disco or gambling in the casino/bingo. If it’s a port day they can go shopping or exploring through booked excursions. You don’t feel guilty enjoying your interest, they are happy pursing theirs. It’s a win-win.

With the large theatres and meeting rooms, and supporting facilities, cruise ships provide the perfect venue for speeches, debates and lectures. No hobby or pastime group is too small or too large. Ships often have more than one group aboard but for very large groups, the whole ship may be chartered.

 Travel Professional

Travel Professional

How do you find these great cruises? Your travel professional of course. He/she has the expertise and the resources to find your perfect themed cruise. Or perhaps your request reflects a whole new idea for a theme cruise. Again your travel agent can help to pull it all together for you and your group.

So what are you waiting for? Double your fun with your hobby/interest/pastime and a great cruise vacation!

Your travel professional at Cruise Holidays of Metro East can pair you up with your theme cruise, or help you organise your own convention. Contact him or her to take your hobby or interest to sea !


Photos courtesy of pixabay.com and bigstock.com