Travel-counsellorIf you are thinking an escorted cruise is anything like an escorted land tour, please think again. Escorted cruises give you the best of both worlds – independence but assistance when or if you need it.

Here are the advantages of an escorted cruise:

• For the first timer or the more timid traveller, an escort is like a security blanket.

• An escort is usually a seasoned cruiser, often knows the ship and the destinations. Hence great advice and tips are just a question away.

• Quite often the escort is a travel counsellor so it is like taking your counsellor with you.

• An escort works in the background to smooth any wrinkles in your cruise but remains fairly unobtrusive.

• If one encounters any trouble with the cruise, with illness, with flights, excursions, and so on, the escort is there with valuable advice and can lend a helping hand.Group

• You can have as little contact with your escort and the rest of the group as you like so there is no suggestion of “herding”here – everyone can remain quite independent in their chosen activities.

• Escorted groups often have perks such as private cocktail parties, amenities, etc., that you would not get booking your cruise independently.

• If you are the amiable type that likes to make new friends, a pre-defined group provides the perfect opportunity.

So the next time you see “escorted”, know it is a special, added value to any cruise, and so desirable that you better book early in order to avoid the disappointment that comes with hearing “sorry, we have no more availability, we just booked the last one!”.



Cruise Holidays of Metro East specializes in groups escorted by Ann-Marie Gaudet, the owner, and her many cruise professionals. There are usually several escorted groups always on offer. Check out the Exclusive and Escorted Special Offers  or enquire.


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